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Symbl APIs

Flexible APIs to capture conversations in any channel or format.


Voice API

Integrate your voice platform or service with Symbl to add intelligence to any type of conversation with no upfront training. Connect over PSTN or SIP, Realtime Websocket or REST endpoint.

Async Audio API

Process offline audio and video files to add converstaional intelligence to a braod range of products and services.

Async Text API

Customer support chats, twitter feeds, email and more…


Conversation API

Symbl’s Conversation API gives developers everything they need to deploy amazing cutomer expericnes with Conversation AI. Detect intents, entitites, sentiment, action items, questions, ideas and more, asynchonously or in real-time.


Symbl Elements

Rich, prebuilt UI components that help you create your own native conversational AI powered experiences.


The Transcript element allows you to add transcription or close-captioning to any voice-based product, including in real-time. The Transcript element also allows you to link any of Symbl’s insights to your voice data such as sentiment, intent and topics.


The Insights element lets you surface the critical pieces of your conversation data and take action. Uncover action items, follow-ups, intents, entities, questions, ideas, create summary bullet points and more.


The Topics element lets you add contentuxal topics to any experience. Elements are completely customizable. You can style Elements to match the look and feel of your site, providing a seamless experience for your customers.


The Timeline element gives you an intuitive, visual represenation of your conversation data. Easily see when who was speaking in a meeting or chat, what topics were discussed, and how the conversation unfolded.

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